How to Become a Study Volunteer

Being a study volunteer can be a rewarding and educational experience. LMCRC welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about our current studies. We are committed to bring the latest medical advances to our community. LMCRC values the trials as an educational experience for both the patient and the study staff involved. Knowing how each patient responds or does not respond to the study medication will be taken into consideration, not only by the physician but also by the pharmaceutical company who manufactures the medication. This is the only way to know how "real people" of the general population respond to the treatment. You can be proud of the fact that you were a significant part of that drugs development, and without you and your data, it could not have been investigated and possibly approved if found to be positive data, or if found to be negative data, not allowing that drug to be released into the general market. You may stop by our clinic and leave your name, phone number and fill out a demographics form to use for potential study participation.

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