Frequently Asked Questions About Clinical Trials:

Q: What is it like being in a clinical trial?

A: Being a study volunteer is like a visit to the doctor's office or medical clinic. There are scheduled appointments and the research staff is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Q: Who qualifies to be in a clinical trial?

A: Each study has specific guidelines such as age, gender and medical conditions. The research physician will review your medical history and the study criteria to determine if you are qualified.

Q: Do I have to pay for the medical services?

A: While enrolled in a study, physician visits and study medications are provided at no cost in some studies. In others, you may only receive medications cialis online. or procedures at no cost and have to pay or bill your insurance for a visit. It is dependent on how the study is written and in what phase of investigation the study treatment is in. Some studies will reimburse patients for their time and travel associated with the study visits.

Q: Am I paid if I do not finish a study?

A: Volunteers usually receive partial reimbursement if they do not complete a study. It will be pro-rated to the completed portion of the study.

Q: Are there any risks associated with being in a clinical trial?

A: There may be side effects of the study medications. These are outlined in a consent form, which you will be asked to read and sign prior to study participation. The consent form provides details about the study and is signed by the volunteer. Side effects are documented and if necessary, the physician provides additional treatment.

Q: Can I talk with my physician before enrolling in a clinical trial/study?

A: Yes. Your physician may want to update your medical record with the treatment you will be undergoing as a participant in the study. If you would like, we will forward a letter to your primary physician on your condition being treated and results once the study is completed. Our study physicians are also available for you and your primary physician to discuss any questions that may arise.

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