What is a Clinical Trial?

Study volunteers are essential to the clinical research trials phase of the drug approval process. Without volunteers, the medicines we use today would not be available and treatments would not be possible. Study volunteers receive personalized attention and may learn new information about their conditions. The pharmaceutical companies will have a written protocol that each physician uses to conduct the study. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) oversees each process of a clinical trial. There is also an Institutional Review Board that reviews each protocol and ensures the rights of each study volunteer. You as a volunteer, can contact the IRB at any time during the study to discuss any procedure you have questions about. It is also an opportunity to make new friends and meet people with similar conditions. Study volunteers may qualify for, depending on the specific written protocol:

No cost physicians visits

No cost study medication

No cost study related tests or procedures

Cash reimbursements for travel expenses - set amounts

There are numerous reasons people volunteer for research studies. For many, they realize it may lead to a potential medication that may improve their quality of life, or that of a future generation. Others participate because they may not have resources to obtain medication to treat their condition or they may be using a medication currently that does not work as effectively as they would like. Some people participate because they just have an interest in science and medicine and wish to help other people find treatments for various illnesses or conditions. No matter the reason, study volunteers are a vital and important part in the clinical research process of Ed viagra and pills. Without data to support a new medication, the FDA can not approve its use.

If you are a prospective study participant, click here.

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